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Firm Profile

Integrated Aquatics Engineering, Inc. has emerged as one of the leaders in the design of aquatic facilities. We pride ourselves on the seamless integration of the various phases of an aquatic project, as a successful facility demands the complete integration of its objectives, function and design. At IAE, we design convenience, maintenance and enjoyment into your project with sound engineering, innovative concepts and creative solutions. As we continue to expand across the country, we remain dedicated to creating superior designs that meet the needs of our clients.


Benjamin T. Hanbicki, E.I.T., President

Ben has worked actively as a designed in the aquatic industry since 1986. He established Integrated Aquatics Engineering, Corp. with the expertise and the knowledge needed of seasonal and indoor pools. Ben oversees all aspects of the design work to ensure accuracy, completeness, timeliness and coordination with other disciplines.

Peter C. Andersen, PE

Pete has been reviewing and designing aquatic projects for over 20 years with various construction firms but now applies his knowledge to the review and the approval of all projects withing Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Pete currently splits his time between this office and his own civil engineering and survey firm located close by.

Amechi Aduba, PE 

Amechi worked as chief design engineer for Con Edison in New York City when he migrated from Nigeria back in the '70s. Having retired from Con-Ed, he splits his time developing a property with his brother back in Nigeria and as peer review and staff engineer for Integrated Aquatics for the past 5 years. Amechi pushes to keep Integrated Aquatics at a level of work unsurpassed by any other firm and bases his training on the machine that is Con-Edison.

Nancy Brunetto, Office Manager

Nancy has working for Integrated Aquatics since 2007 and maintains all office scheduled and prioritizes staff work. Including bookkeeping as well, Nancy ensures timeliness of deadlines and completeness of work. Capable of working through any problem, Nancy handles almost everything that arises when Ben is out on site.

Firm History


Integrated Aquatics Engineering’s traces its history from a

rich and deep field of aquatic engineers.  Starting in 1968

when Mr. Raffaelli, PE designed the Princeton Rec Pool

with state of the art surge gutter troughs, through the 80’s

concentrating on municipal work and durable construction

to fit.  In 1986, Ben Hanbicki started as an apprentice,

learning the theory of aquatic engineering.  In the 90’s, there

was a shift from new municipal to renovations including many

of the 68 community pools set throughout Philadelphia.  In

the early 2000’s, Mr. Raffaelli PE semi-retired, going into

consulting.  Mr. Hanbicki then joined Vincent Pools as their

in house designer, learning designs from the perspective of

the contractor.  After a year, Mr. Hanbicki started up the

engineering arm of Vincent Pools called Atlantic Aquatic Engineering.  After three years of design/build, in 2006, Mr. Hanbicki left to start on his own as a true design firm once again.  Rehiring Mr. Raffaelli PE as the staff guru along with Mr. Andersen PE whom worked along side Mr. Hanbicki at AAE and Mr Aduba PE who has brought considerable wealth of detailed design formatting from Con Ed to help keep the firm aligned to proper engineering standards, something the cottage industry of Aquatics still lacks.  Ms. Brunetto joined the firm shortly after startup to keep the daily operations running smoothly.  Since then, Mr. Bollinger PE and Mr. Tanner PE have been brought in to aid with design and oversight, contributing to Mr. Hanbicki’s lead with their own insights to best practices. 

Firm Profile
Firm History


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