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Chester​ Area Pool

Design Theory: Although Chester already had a Lap Pool and a Wading Pool, the client saw a void for an area where non-swim team youths could enjoy the facility as well. The existing rectangular shape of the pool minimized costs, and the addition of an interior wall and a sprayground entry increased the ‘fun’ factor and enhanced an already thriving facility.

Completed: 2009

Location: Chester, New Jersey

Firemen's Memorial Park

Design Theory: Union City wanted to provide the city with a place for the ‘young’ residents to cool down during the summer. As the site overlooks NYC, the architect themed it as a memorial to the fallen firefighters from 9/11. The pools include a competition pool, wading pool and sprayground. The decks and buildings are very colorful. The facility is packed every day.

Location: Union City, New Jersey

Completed: 2009

Firemen's Memorial

Firemen's Memeorial Park

Union City, New Jersey

Completed 2009

Autumn Ridge

Autumn Ridge Community Center

New York

Completed 2013

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