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JCC on the Palisades

Design Theory: The Day Camp at the JCC wanted to re-energize the existing wading pool without extra staffing or strict supervision.  The sprayground was designed to fit within their narrow, long area with dedicated ‘bay’s for different ages.  Being on the Palisades, the reservoir consisted of a series of enlarged pipes to minimize depth as granite starts about 24” below grade.

Completed: 2009

Location: Tenafly, New Jersey


Pleasant Valley Park

Design Theory: Although the park already had every type of pool and a sprayground, the existing sprayground was built over twenty years ago by a creative contractor. This sprayground was removed and replaced with a contemporary set-up to attract the non-swimmer youths and campers.

Completed: 2007

Location: Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Michael E. Leggiero Music PArk

Union City, NJ

Completed 2010

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