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West Morris YMCA Steam room

Design Theory: West Morris YMCA wanted to expand their training capabilities with a specific needs pool.  This pool has a shallow racing lane for in-pool training and a separate section for one on one therapy.  By separating the pools, the water temperature can be adjusted as required as well.  

Completed: 2009

Location: Randolph, NJ

Fitness and Therapy

Overbrook School for the blind

Design Theory: The pool layouts were straightforward but the Owner had a lot of requirements for his special needs students.  In addition, the facility was granted a LEED rating based on sound energy design.  This facility includes a competition pool and an activity pool.  The activity pool is fitted with a beach entry, current channel and spray features.  It wasn’t until recently however that the pool manager opened up the activity pool to students during the day, making the facility even more popular with the kids.

Completed: 2009

Location: Philadelphia PA

Greater Morristown YMCA

Morristown, NJ

Completed 2011

West Morris YMCA Steam room

Design Theory: The last steam room was hidden in the corner and completely enclosed. It was the YMCA’s thought that they should open it up and make it more resort-styled. It also allows them to control use of the steam room. It was noted that people would exercise in the room in an effort to sweat off more weight – a dangerous practice.

Completed: 2007

Location: West Morris PA

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