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    In today’s world, it only takes an inexperienced residential Pool Contractor to build a pool and it not fall down to become an EXPERT.  Whereas most commercial and high-end residential Pool Contractors are well qualified and mostly self governed, these new ‘expert’ get most of the work because they are inexperienced and therefore underbid.  To be fair, on the engineering side, most designers treat pool design as lower level engineering and don’t put a whole lot of energy in their designs. Here at Integrated Aquatics Engineering we put our focus on the design and integration of all aquatic elements.


    A swimming pool is directly and immediately interactive to the BATHERS and will immediately and directly impact their health.  So it is critically imperative that each and every pool be well designed, engineered, and built. It is Integrated Aquatic Engineering’s mission to bring solid Engineering Practices and Techniques to this immense cottage industry and help to educate the builder on the WHY of what they are building, not just the HOW. Our product is to issue developed plans integrating ALL of the influences to a pool such as Utility connections, not just filtration and structure. Plans issued from this office are designed to provide detailed INSTRUCTION to the actual hands on worker, not just the Construction Owner or Supervisor that have a depth of understanding that may not be in the field. Integrated Aquatics engineering is committed to excellence in the efficient design of all pools. Our employees are dedicated to perform to the highest standards, staying on budget, and ahead of schedule.

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